Back when the Parakeet thought she didn’t want to have children (not that long ago by the by), she used to say it was, in part, because she was too selfish.  Most days, she is reminded:  she is too selfish to be a parent.
Yesterday, Little O wasn’t in the mood to cooperate. More specifically, the Parakeet had some things she wanted to get done and O needed attention. He’s three months old – of course he needed attention. 
In the afternoon, getting tired of the up-down hold-me games, she decided they would take a walk. He rarely fusses in the stroller and it would be nice for her legs to get out as well.  So, she suited up the babe, she suited up herself and they headed out into the elements.  The ground was iced over in a lot of places and quickly her prim stroller pram turned into an off-roading rugged baby carrier. Kind of. Nonetheless, they made it all the way to the post office where she mailed a small gift to her aunt.
Then, they went back outside – SLEET!
For you southerners, this is freezing rain. It looks like it’s raining, but it feels a little like hail is hitting you.  On the news they call it a wintery mix. The Parakeet has other names for it.  She believes a wintery mix should include green and red m&ms.
The Parakeet pulled the stroller cover completely over O. He was hidden from the nastiness.  The Keet began their nearly one mile walk back home bumping the stroller over each ice patch and running across the street during yellow lights because she did not want to wait one minute longer.  They took one break inside a medical building’s lobby and cut through the CVS for another two minutes of warmth.  The whole walk was maybe twenty minutes, but it felt like a slush-tastic eternity.
The Keet’s thighs were clinking together like two ice cubes, and she remembered frequent conversations she has had with O’s godmother B; the fleshiest parts get the coldest. Ugh.
She finally hauled the carseat inside with a sleeping O, then hauled the stroller up the back stairs to live on the porch. It was a sopping wet stroller by that point. Then she made herself a hot chocolate at four in the afternoon. Because it was just that kind of day.
The Huz came home and they had the conversation they’ve had more than once over the past three months. She laments, “I didn’t get anything done today.”  He calmly responds, “You took care of our baby”.
Oh yeah, there’s that.


2 responses to “Slush-tastic!

  1. Aw, what a nice ending! I’m not really missing that wintry mix these days…. not much at all 🙂

  2. oh yeah there’s that. kids take a lot of energy. i don’t know how megan does it all day every day. maybe o will start getting his own to do list. at least then you are checking things off.

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