Mis-Adventure or the Details of a Thursday

Well, Thursday was a capital-D Doozie for the Keet and Little O.  The Huz has been working in Hyde Park for the last few weeks (the south side of Chicago, for those of you not familiar) and taking the car. 
Little O has a rash that has worried the Keet a little, so she decided to make a Dr’s appointment for the babe.  Today, the Huz left them the car while he walked the near-mile to his two-train-and-a-bus commute. 
The Parakeet has gotten only slightly better at getting the baby out the door in their three or so months together and they manage to both be dressed and ready for the 11:30 appointment by 11:00.  She decides not to put O in his “mummy” suit, since he’ll only have to make it to the car and get completely undressed at the Dr anyway.
She goes to the garage; carseat, diaper bag and purse in arms, and her remote does not unlock the car. Suspect.  She tries again.  Oh, weird.  After setting the baby down, she unlocks the car manually.  She turns the key. Nothing.
Dead Battery.
Thirty-something degrees. 
Baby in carseat.
Appt in half an hour. 
She calls the Huz. He says, “oh no, I must have left the dome light on yesterday. I was looking for my gloves.” Oh no is right.  He calls their neighbor for her and he comes over to jump their car. 
Crisis averted.  O is screaming by now, but the Parakeet soldiers through and gets them to the parking garage and to the appointment on time.
While discussing things with the Dr, she decides they should go ahead and do his four month vaccinations to save the Keet another visit. Not in the plans. The Parakeet must have made a face because the Dr. said, “Well, it’s not like you can prepare him.”  The bird wanted to answer that she was worried about herself (we know how she did the last time) but agreed to the three needle pokes.
The Dr gave her some prescriptions, some instructions and left saying the nurse would be in shortly.  Shortly came and went and O fell asleep in the Bird’s arms.  Someone poked their head in the room, “Are you waiting on someone?”
“Yes, the vaccinations”
“oh, sorry”
Little O was awoken from slumber for antiseptic, tylenol and the god-forsaken needles.  YIKES.
The Parakeet snuggled him and managed to get him into the carseat as she left the office. He was crying, but it wasn’t terrible. 
She hauled his heavy bum to the parking garage and got him strapped in. He began to scream.  She put the key in the ignition.
The spew of words that came from the Parakeet’s mouth at that moment are not appropriate and should not be repeated. Luckily, her child was yelling so loud he couldn’t hear her call out these profanities.  She dug the jumper cables out (again) of the back and stood behind the car. She waved down someone who was parking.  He said the cables were too short – he would get security. 
About fifteen minutes later (the Parakeet was now holding the baby and bouncing him in the thirty-something degree garage), security came and said she needed to request help in person.  So, she took the babe back inside and asked for help at the front desk.  With instructions to raise the hood of her car, she returned to the garage. 
She waited. 
O whimpered.
She waited.
O fussed.
A man parked two spots down from her and asked if she was just waiting on a jump. 
“Yes, from security. My cables aren’t long enough”
“Put the car in neutral and roll back. I’ll jump it.”
“Can you do that?”
She strapped Little O back in his car seat. He lost his mind.  She left him there anyway.  She could not get the car in neutral.  The man looked at her like she was stupid.  Then, she got in the backseat and he tried. The car would not go into neutral. 
So, they decided he could probably pull in really close behind her and they could stretch the cables.
He does this. They are connected, and at that moment – security arrives.  It takes some doing, but the security officer and the good samaritan get her car started. Hallelujah!
Thank you, Thank you, Kind Men.
Little O needs to eat and take a nap. Both. Plus, he had shots. He is miserable. She takes O in the back seat and nurses him while the car runs. He falls asleep. She puts him in the carseat. He screams his head off. She picks his head up, puts it back on and nurses him again. He falls asleep.  She puts him in the carseat.  He screams his head off.  This time she leaves it, puts herself back together and pulls the car out of the parking space. He is asleep before they can pay to leave.
She runs the errands she can run without turning off the car, making sure they drive for almost an hour.  Little O sleeps another hour and a half after they are home, and the Parakeet calls her Mom.  WAAAA!


3 responses to “Mis-Adventure or the Details of a Thursday

  1. Picks his head up, puts it back on, nurses him again. Classic.

  2. I am impressed. I would have started crying if security had told me that. And continued crying when the nice man offered to help, when the car wouldn’t go in neutral, and again when it finally started. Good job, Momma.

  3. Oh. my. gosh. I have felt the pain of that moment. It it SO stressful. I would have gotten myself massive amounts of Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s and anything else I would consider a treat for myself. 🙂

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