oh the weather outside…

With the baby’s stuff included, the Huz did seven loads of laundry this weekend. Wowza. But they started the week with clean clothes and sheets and an organized home. The Parakeet really needs that on a Monday morning – it’s hard to explain, but for a while Sundays have meant that to her – get ready for the week. Also on Sunday all the snow melted away and the temp hit near forty-five degrees. Like Spring. Or something. It was a drippy day. So, Monday morning came and the Keet got herself ready for her weekly trip downtown. She left the house at ten of seven and had not looked at the weather. YIKES. It was close to four degrees. All that melted snow had iced over and she ‘skated’ her way to the Metra. Seriously. She was super careful, but just as she crossed the street to the platform -she fell. Just onto her knees and her cream-colored mittens caught the rest of her.  Her super clean jeans looked acid-washed as she stood up. Ugh, snow and ice.

Today, though, as she sits in her at home sun-room-office, the snow looks beautiful. The flakes are falling through all three walls of windows and sticking to the trees like a painting.  She has pork chops in the Slow -Cooker and a beautiful babe asleep in his crib.  At home with yummy smells and thick blankets, winter seems just right.  Like a nice settling in….not to say she won’t enjoy Christmas in Florida next week!


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