Christmas Cheer

So, how have they been spending this Advent Season – preparing for Christmas?  Well…
The Keet and Huz have a bit of a tradition of buying a tree the weekend after their birthdays. This year they took Little O along.  They always go to a family-owned, locally-grown, sustainble forest, pine-tree farm called Home Depot.  They wish it was all those things – BUT it is not. It is Home Depot and it is cheap.  This year’s tree was a good one, though, and they had it decorated by the 7th when their good friend visited from D.C. 
A Christmas tree really needs an audience.  The babysitter is a bit of a Christmas-fanatic, so she weekly appreciates each ornament and snowman filling up the living room.  And while they will be spending Christmas morning in Lake Mary with family, they still bought Little O a stocking (to be hung by the chimney with care – of course).   The stockings (as seen in the header picture) are hung on the very-annoying faux brick painted brick.  This drives the Keet crazy.  They are real bricks. Why paint them with a faux brick finish?
Anyway, they didn’t do much holiday shopping this season, but they did listen to many a Christmas Carol, drank plenty of  hot chocolate, and ate m&ms by the pound (although that is not necessarily seasonal).  The Keet bought treats to make cookies – not sure yet if that will happen.  She did, though, spend the obligatory thirty minutes in a line at UPS, and they finally sent out Christmas cards.  Super exciting. 
They’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all of their adventures down south.
Until then…..Merry Christmas!

p.s. The featured ornament was made by the Huz’ mother when he was a child.


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