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last chance

A thank you from the brokeassbride and her fiancee

Well some of you know and some of you don’t, but we did not get 1st place. We did however land in quite a proud and respectable spot. Having garnered over 5000 of your votes we landed in the top 3. We were 170 votes down from 1st, but over 3,000 votes ahead of 4th place! We won a nice gift card and more excitingly will be able to plant a tree in the name of each of our wedding guests.
When we started this we were very apprehensive to send our friends and loved ones pestering emails. We thought we could be nothing but a nuisance. While we are sure that there are some folks that won’t disagree with that statement, we were taken off-guard and astonished by the overwhelming outpour of support from all of you. Not only did so many of you take time out of your day to vigilantly vote for us, but many of you even put your names on the line to ask support from your friends, readers and colleagues. When you feel raised up by that kind of support, it puts everything in perspective.  In this “dog eat dog world” where pessimism and fear are broadcast on every news program, we have been swarmed with love from those that know us well to those whom we may never meet. Trips will come and go, and whatever we do for our honeymoon rest assured great memories will be made, but the people you surround yourself with are the barometer for the quality of your life. We could not possibly be richer.
Thank you so much. We can only hope that you are all as lucky as we are.
Thank you,
Hunter and Dana
P.S. Please share this with anyone whom you asked to join our adventure (Those Costa Rican Monkeys would want that).

last chance to help the brokeass bride.
vote until 11:30 EST tonight!!

her message below:

Thanks to all you voters and an extra special thanks to all you folks who have been blogging and forwarding this email on to others!
We’ve been behind, then ahead, and now behind again. That’s just today! If you can forward this on to any friends who will vote, we can totally take this. “YES WE CAN!” Oh those Costa Rican Monkeys are so enthusiastic.
A Costa Rican Honeymoon and trees planted for all our guests is in sight. Man it’s exciting fighting for love and the world isn’t it?
The updated answers are below: (please make sure your answers match the questions. If they don’t, we will keep updated answers at )

Name: Dana LaRue & Hunter Stiebel

Date: 5/24/09

What is more original for Valentines Day as a gift: Chocolates / or an acre of trees dedication? An acre of trees dedication

Our Valentine’s day giveaway has two prizes a $250 amex gift card & ….: an acre of trees to dedicate to your Valentine

From what city are you voting What is your first name & what time is it?

Would you like to have a tree dedicated in your name for your next b-day?: [Yes or No – your choice]

Thank you thank you thank you!


Too Cute

The Parakeet is so excited for Little O to begin to speak. She will probably eat those words over and over with a side of Ranch, but for now she is pumped about it.  At Christmas Big W said out loud over and over “Daddy” as Uncle B preached. It was adorable, and then there is this story.  Too Too Funny.

Her Boys.

Little O is growing quickly these days.  He turned five months old this week.  The Parakeet is taking thirty second videos and snapping pics. She and the Huz trade O antecdotes before bed because he is amusing them daily.  His personality is really coming through and it is so fun to watch.
One of the Parakeet’s favorite blogs, SouleMama, wrote recently about her fourth baby and how it is so different from the first – where she and her husband had time to stare and take in all of his little changes.  That is how the Bird and the Huz get to spend time, ecspecially on the weekends – they watch O and they are loving those moments.
Little O is always smiling.  He seems to channel Arsenio Hall with his “hoo, hoo, hoo” – very boyish sounds from this child.  He vocalizes to get the attention of his parents and as soon as they enter his nursery – his mouth opens wide into a huge grin while he grabs tightly onto a blanket, rolling onto his side with a coo.  He sees Lord Perciful and the grin comes again.  The Keet will hold him over her head and he laughs.  She will tickle his tummy and he laughs.  But when the Huz blows bubbles and gets right up to O’s face – he laughs like an old man; his sounds caught on his inhale, his wheezing exhales full of joy.  They wonder if he might choke on his giggles.  O loves his daddy.  It is so wonderful watching them get to know each other; a father and son.  When O squeezes tight to his cloth saw and hammer, the Parakeet looks forward to the day when Dad can show his boy how to put something together – make something for himself .  When O fusses through a diaper change or screams for his food to get to his mouth faster, she watches the Huz take a deep breath or begin to hum and she looks forward to the patience that only a child can teach  a parent.  Her boys – how great how they grow each other.

Help out a Friend?

Hello, Internet. If you a frequent reader of A Bird, A Carpenter, and a Baby you probably have noticed some comments from The BrokeAss Bride. Well, she is a dear friend of the Keet and Huz living in L.A. and engaged to their other dear friend, Hunter. These two lovebirds are in a contest to win a honeymoon – yes, people, an entire Honeymoon – in Costa Rica!!
You can help them win by voting – it would be sooo cool if they won. Read more on Dana’s blog or read below and help them out.
Thanks, the Keet

The Link and the answers:

On their website: *VOTE THROUGH JAN. 29*
Go to

Note that the questions change up every other day or so…

Today’s Answers:
Name of the Couple: Hunter Stiebel and Dana LaRue
Wedding date: May 24, 2009
Where is the TI Planting Location in ALASKA: Friends For a Green Alaska Reforestation Effort
Title of Valentines Day Page: Go Green for Valentines Day
Sentence Below the Title @ the plant a memorial tree in israel: Plant a tree in Memory of a loved one in the Holy Land
What would you rather give, flowers or a tree as a sympathy gift (this one is up to you:-): Yes or No

Another thing about Winter

The Layers – oh my, the layers they put on to go outside.  Yesterday, during the third quarter of an important football game – the Huz decided he needed more beer.  He wanted to walk to the liquor store.  Promising to return with a Diet Dr Pepper for the Keet, he began the layering process.  Finally, he settled on his “large, puffy” coat.  His parents bought it for him when the Huz and Keet first moved to Chicago – it is no joke.  The Huz commented that he liked the way there were cuffs on the sleeves that kept the wind out (an important winter feature) – then he stopped to use the restroom before he left.
“Oh, and that’s another thing I like about this coat”
“What’s that?”
“The Pee Zipper”
“The Pee Zipper – the zipper opens from the bottom, so you can pee with your coat on – Maybe it’s more for driving, but I use it as a pee zipper”


How much fun is…

Rice Cereal??!!!


Yes, it’s True.

What family far is watching on the Today show each morning – we are living. Snow, Snow, more snow and then Thursday – the high of negative one degree.  Yes, the high was below zero.  The Huz was told not to come into work.  They move from indoors to outdoors too much.  And you can bet your sweet bippy, they weren’t taking that Little O out in this madness.  Lord Perciful had to be carried back from his walk yesterday morning – his little paws just couldn’t take it.  It is capital C-OLD.  Thank you, Chicago. 

The upside is the Pause.  Winter is giving this little family pause.  No reason to go outside -then don’t.  The Huz and Keet have done a few devotions together.  They busted out the board games yesterday.  They are eating at home.  For a bird who is constantly in a rush, maybe this season is mandatory. Maybe she needed a blizzard or two in order to CHILL out.