Mr. Adaptable

The Keet, Huz, and Little O all traveled down south for Christmas this year.  Florida, to be exact. 
The Keet’s parents helped them with the cost of travel and they found a pretty good deal on an airline they had never tried before.  They drove out to Rockford, IL on Dec 23 admist falling snow to take the four-month old on a plane. 
The Huz got anxious and suggested they leave in the AM right after O’s nap.  Turned out – he had a great idea, because it took three hours to get there.  The snow was falling very heavily and it was the holidays and, well, traffic is traffic – but they were still three hours early for their flight. 
There were plenty of nice surprises about this funny little airport way out in Rockford.  One, they had free parking and it was super close to the door.  Two, there were about four and a half flights that day so all the planes were on time.  Three, there was almost no one in the check-in line or the security line – it was a calm quite literally in the middle of a (snow)storm. 
The Parakeet put the Moby on as soon as they got to the airport and Little O was loving it.  She went through security with the baby on her person – no problem.  They nursed as they waited to board and he did just fine.  He looked fairly scared during the take-off, but so did the Keet.  Good thing the Huz has big hands, so he comforted them both. 
Little O had a few fussy moments on the plane and about a half-hour of sleep, but all-in-all he traveled really well.  They weren’t sure what to expect from the little guy, so the Keet, especially, was relieved.
While in Florida, he was in and out of a carseat more than usual, and gave Uncle R a few screaming drives.  But he also fell asleep in the brightly-lit mall waiting for Santa, in the arms of family while at church, and in a pack-and-play.   Mostly Little O likes to be held, so with family all around – he was just fine. 
The return trip was sort of sad for the Keet and Huz who had enjoyed their brief time in Florida so much.  Their flight was before the sun came up and the lines were longer.  The Parakeet had to be padded down this time ( you never know what someone could sneak in with the baby) wearing her Moby.  Little O, though, fell fast asleep for a much longer portion of the flight.  He threw a more familiar screaming fit on their drive home – so they took a McDonald’s pit stop, where after some hashbrowns O quickly fell asleep. 
Don’t call DCFS – they didn’t really give him hashbrowns.

Waiting at the Rockford Airport


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