Huz – Time

One of the projects the Russells are hoping to get off the ground in 2009 involves the Huz.  You all know he makes things.  He’s a creative guy.  They are lucky to have some hand-made furniture right in their own home.  Well, in an effort to encourage even more creativity and to gain a bit more job satisfaction, the Huz is hoping to step it up a notch in the woodworking department.  He’s hoping to get some space, maybe a few more tools, and make items for sale.  He and the Keet are really excited at the possibilities.  They are looking specifically at how etsy could be a good starting vehicle.  One of his first ideas is a sort of child’s toybox/keepsake. Quality wood, Quality construction, personalized. Big W received the prototype for Christmas.  They will be sure to keep you updated as the details of this adventure unfold.  In the meantime, send your positive  thoughts and encouragement towards the Huz.  Any ideas for cool things to build? They’d like those as well.



6 responses to “Huz – Time

  1. Nifty! I am excited to see what you create. A friend of mine who just started a graphic design/greeting card biz has a lot of experience with Etsy. Let me know if you want her contact-info…

  2. Oh how cool! I use Etsy all the time, and I think the Huz’s work would be amazing for it! Good luck!

  3. What about wood toys? I saw on etsy this guy who made wood swords.

    I’ll keep thinking…

  4. Aly has a great idea with wooden toys–we have a really cool one from the Czech republic and one that we bought at a craft fair in Nebraska. Sam loved them both. If the Huz is into furniture, we have a really cool “boot bench” that he could copy. It lives in the kitchen (right by the door to the garage) and holds all our shoes and boots, eliminating all that clutter. It doubles as a place to sit and put on your shoes or just to sit. I’ll send you guys pictures. Kiss that cute baby for us…

  5. Hello spectacular idea. I also suggest buying things from the Salvation Army and redoing them. Speaking of which I need a little help fixing a dresser drawer I’m trying to resell. Wish you guys lived next door! We could rent space together and make a killing! 🙂 The Huz is perfect for making money this way–also have him look on Kristina and Micah’s blog. Micah’s cousin started his own furniture business and now his stuff has been in Dwell. Look up eastvold furniture on Kristina’s blog. 🙂

  6. That toybox is beautiful!

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