Clutter Update

You might remember that the Parakeet signed the “Clean Up Your Messy House Pledge”.  She is still sticking with it, but it is even harder than she thought.  Two little things she is doing each day are making a big difference; one, making the bed and two, going through the mail as she gets it.  Now, there is still a pile of paper from before this whole Pledge business began, but at least it isn’t getting too much taller.
December’s assignment was the living room.  Honestly, the Keet and Huz didn’t have too much clutter in the living room. That one wasn’t too hard.  But, this is where they play with the baby each day and the blanket covered in toys doesn’t seem to really go away.  So, the project (still not completed) is to empty the ginormous basket of old magazines so that it can be filled with the blanket and baby toys. Much more attractive.  The Parakeet had been saving the magazines to read, clip recipes and decorating ideas from.  At this point, though, she is tempted to just toss them right along with her good intentions.
January’s assignment is the bedrooms.  She is very excited about this one.  This will mean going through the clothes. She is always happy to purge the clothes. Seriously.  It always feels way productive.  The Huz doesn’t know it, but on New Year’s Day he helped with the pledge.  He cleaned up the bedroom and took the bassinet and vibrating baby chair down to storage.  Please don’t tell him that he helped with an Oprah project, he wouldn’t be thrilled.


One response to “Clutter Update

  1. I really need to get on this one. Where can I find the challenge info?

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