Countdown – 09

The Keet and the Huz spent New Year’s Eve with two other couples and Little O.  They ordered pizzas, drank some, and played good ol’ Mexican Train Dominoes.  They highly reccomend this game for low-key gatherings by the way.  O was asleep before nine and didn’t wake again- a bit surprising because the evening was full of laughs. New Year’s Eve has always been a bit anti-climatic for the Keet…seriously, 10, 9, 8….and ???  Since they’ve been in Chicago, this is even worse – the New York ball drop has to be replayed!? Really? There’s no central time zone equivalent.  So lame.  BUT they have managed to have an almost tradition of snacks, champagne and games at their home – the energy matches the Holiday in the bird’s mind. 
Do you celebrate big or keep it easy? How was ringing in 09?


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