Yes, it’s True.

What family far is watching on the Today show each morning – we are living. Snow, Snow, more snow and then Thursday – the high of negative one degree.  Yes, the high was below zero.  The Huz was told not to come into work.  They move from indoors to outdoors too much.  And you can bet your sweet bippy, they weren’t taking that Little O out in this madness.  Lord Perciful had to be carried back from his walk yesterday morning – his little paws just couldn’t take it.  It is capital C-OLD.  Thank you, Chicago. 

The upside is the Pause.  Winter is giving this little family pause.  No reason to go outside -then don’t.  The Huz and Keet have done a few devotions together.  They busted out the board games yesterday.  They are eating at home.  For a bird who is constantly in a rush, maybe this season is mandatory. Maybe she needed a blizzard or two in order to CHILL out.


One response to “Yes, it’s True.

  1. insightful, I like it.

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