Another thing about Winter

The Layers – oh my, the layers they put on to go outside.  Yesterday, during the third quarter of an important football game – the Huz decided he needed more beer.  He wanted to walk to the liquor store.  Promising to return with a Diet Dr Pepper for the Keet, he began the layering process.  Finally, he settled on his “large, puffy” coat.  His parents bought it for him when the Huz and Keet first moved to Chicago – it is no joke.  The Huz commented that he liked the way there were cuffs on the sleeves that kept the wind out (an important winter feature) – then he stopped to use the restroom before he left.
“Oh, and that’s another thing I like about this coat”
“What’s that?”
“The Pee Zipper”
“The Pee Zipper – the zipper opens from the bottom, so you can pee with your coat on – Maybe it’s more for driving, but I use it as a pee zipper”



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