Her Boys.

Little O is growing quickly these days.  He turned five months old this week.  The Parakeet is taking thirty second videos and snapping pics. She and the Huz trade O antecdotes before bed because he is amusing them daily.  His personality is really coming through and it is so fun to watch.
One of the Parakeet’s favorite blogs, SouleMama, wrote recently about her fourth baby and how it is so different from the first – where she and her husband had time to stare and take in all of his little changes.  That is how the Bird and the Huz get to spend time, ecspecially on the weekends – they watch O and they are loving those moments.
Little O is always smiling.  He seems to channel Arsenio Hall with his “hoo, hoo, hoo” – very boyish sounds from this child.  He vocalizes to get the attention of his parents and as soon as they enter his nursery – his mouth opens wide into a huge grin while he grabs tightly onto a blanket, rolling onto his side with a coo.  He sees Lord Perciful and the grin comes again.  The Keet will hold him over her head and he laughs.  She will tickle his tummy and he laughs.  But when the Huz blows bubbles and gets right up to O’s face – he laughs like an old man; his sounds caught on his inhale, his wheezing exhales full of joy.  They wonder if he might choke on his giggles.  O loves his daddy.  It is so wonderful watching them get to know each other; a father and son.  When O squeezes tight to his cloth saw and hammer, the Parakeet looks forward to the day when Dad can show his boy how to put something together – make something for himself .  When O fusses through a diaper change or screams for his food to get to his mouth faster, she watches the Huz take a deep breath or begin to hum and she looks forward to the patience that only a child can teach  a parent.  Her boys – how great how they grow each other.


One response to “Her Boys.

  1. Sweet. Happy Birthday, little O!

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