cooking slow

The Parakeet may have mentioned that the family has been enjoying their Costco membership. Well, that is still very true.  She has been planning their dinners for three weeks at a time and shopping once a month.  They are saving money, eating out very little, and she doesn’t spend any time worrying about what to make for dinner – the schedule is on the fridge.  So far – so good. 
A real helper in this whole plan has been Ole’ Faithful – the crock pot. Laugh at the Crock Pot if you like, but when the temp is  below freezing and your little one’s naps aren’t exactly reliable – the Crock Pot is a sweet sweet friend. The Parakeet “borrowed” a cookbook from her mother-in-law three years ago. Oops. But she has made good use of it lately. 
They throw together a super easy Taco Chili about every other week – and a more recent hit was bean and rice stuffed peppers.  Little O sits in his bumbo while the bird throws everything together.  He likes watching the goings-on.  So – a big yahoo for the slow cooker.  It’s not just for Stew. Which, by the way – Stew is gross. 0109-stuffed-pepperspeppers about to cook….


Little O is growing out of his socks, and yes that is the cookbook


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