Well, last weekend the Huz came down with a nasty cold. It was gone by Wednesday, but it was bound to happen with him walking to the el each morning in these un-godly temperatures.
On Tuesday, Little O began to cough. Truly pitiful.  On Wednesday, he seemed very warm.  The Keet took his temp. Just over 99.  She gave him tylenol and he fell asleep.  He woke up two hours later extremely warm.  She took his temp again.  101.  After the Tylenol? Yikes.  She called her Mom who told her to call the doctor -she was not over-reacting. Little O is still little after all. He was also so congested, glassy-eyed, just snuggly and pitiful. 
The Parakeet talked to the Dr.  She said there were quite a few viral infections going around.  She recommended adding motrin to his regimen to break the fever.  She also said to sit in the steam with him every few hours and to elevate him while sleeping.  The Parakeet followed her advice and Thursday afternoon – he was fever free. 
But, Friday morning -back to 100.5.  The Parakeet gave him more medicine but it only went down to 99.9.  She called the Dr. They asked her to bring  in Little O. 
So, for the first time in a week the baby left the House.  As you may recall, most of the Parakeet’s visits to the Dr. are not without drama.  So, she braced herself.
Little O was totally charming in his sicky way.  He was still grabbing at the nurses’ faces, rolling over and smiling. Great – now they will think the bird is crazy. It’s like going to the mechanic and your car won’t make that sound. 
But the Dr knew as soon as she looked at him – “RSV”, she said.
They asperated his nose (sucked out the snot) – which he totally loved, almost as much as when the Huz does it to him- and sent the mucus to be tested.  Then, they gave him a breathing treatment with a nebulizer to slow his breaths.  The Parakeet, a veteran asthma patient, was familiar with this scenario.  She had not, however, seen the “dragon” style mask that little O would wear. It almost made the procedure cute.
He finished that with much wiggling.  The Dr had results back – positive for the RSV.  She informed the Keet that sometimes babies are hospitalized to help support their symptoms while waiting out this particular virus.  The Parakeet tried to have a calm reaction.  The Dr ordered a second breathing treatment for O.  He wasn’t having it this time and cried through most of it, until, of course, he fell asleep – his little dragon mask shooting steam as he slumbered.  The Dr sent them back home with a baby inhaler, a liquid steroid, and a take care. 
So far so good.  O has been very fussy. His coughs are pathetic and his runny nose pitiful.  He is breaking his parent’s heart and trying their patience at the same time.  Hopefully this thing will run its course sooner rather than later.


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