Hippie Mama No More

The Parakeet was told by a close friend before Little O was born, “you can be whatever kind of parent you want to be. Your kids don’t know the difference.”
The Parakeet took those words to heart.  She was hoping to have a drug-free natural labor. That didn’t happen.
BUT, Little O has worn cloth diapers since he was a month old.  Mama Bird has carried him around in a Moby Wrap rather than a stroller whenever possible.  She also was pretty serious about breast-feeding.  She pumped when she went to work and most days, at least once, so that when she was gone, he could be fed ‘mother’s milk’. 
Somewhere around when Little O hit four months old, the Keet’s production slowed way down. She thouht her pump was broken.  She tried pumping more often, drinking tea, yadda yadda yadda.  This was also when they added rice cereal so everything seemed to be fine.  But, whenever she had to leave the house she was definitely counting ounces.  She was starting to feel like she may not be getting her baby enough food. Not a good feeling.
When they returned back from Florida after the Holiday, she was asked to work an extra day that week – a full day.  Childcare was fine since the Huz was going to be home, but there was no way she was going to get enough pumped while feeding O in just three days. 
She bought a can of formula.  While, this was sort of a difficult decision, and she felt a bit like she was going back on her hippie inclinations – she felt the biggest sense of relief knowing she could leave the house and Little O would have enough to eat.  She didn’t even realize how much this was stressing her out.  It’s probably part of why her production went down in the first place.

So now that the Keet has a Costco membership AND a can of Formula, she is a Hippie Mama no more.


2 responses to “Hippie Mama No More

  1. Now you can be the kind of Mama I am: “Little Bit of this, Little Bit of That” Mama.

  2. I remember feeling the same way–and taking that fenncrap and drinking the gross (to me) tea. I found comfort in Eric’s wit and normalcy and intellect despite being formula fed. Eleanor and Owen will be fine. 🙂

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