At the end of it all…

There were two little teeth.
Little O had that nasty RSV business a week or so ago…two, really.  Then last Saturday, the Huz and Keet went to some friends’ condo to help them get a few odd jobs done.  Honestly, the Huz was going to help them with a few odd jobs. The Parakeet and Little O were going to sit around and look cute.  O was slightly cranky.  The Keet handed him to her friend, Blair, who coincidentally is one of their babysitter extraordinares.  She bounced O on her lap, he smiled – and showed them two little white nubs on his lower gums. Wow! No wonder this fever lasted FOREVER.  On top of the nasty RSV business, he was cutting little teeth.  He is so cute with these little teeth, but it makes the whole, “let -me-gnaw-on-your-arm” thing a bit more painful. 
Milestones…they just keep coming.


One response to “At the end of it all…

  1. AWWWWWW! That’s so exciting!

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