sweet boy

The Huz is out for the night drinking with the guys.   Snow is falling lightly after a few days of sun.  The Parakeet finished up two Sex and the City re-runs and was going to call it a night herself.  She locked the kitchen door and went to look at Little O before crawling into bed.  He looked so peaceful in his crib.  He laid on his back, his little arms by his side, palms open, and his legs crossed one over the other.  His breaths were rhythmic but they were also still.  She pulled the blanket over him quietly and quickly.  She couldn’t help but smile, although it felt tinged with an ache.  Is it strange to miss your child just because they are asleep?


One response to “sweet boy

  1. This is called Saudade in Brazilian Portuguese. Sow-da-je – it’s sort of like nostalgia. Like missing something even as you are experiencing it because it is so sweet/deep.

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