Bye, Bye Bumbo

As evidenced by so many pictures on this blog, the Parakeet has loved the Bumbo seat. So has Little O.  He sat in that green chair for months. They let him watch tv in that seat while shaking his rattles.  He sat on the counter while Mom unloaded the dishwasher or made dinner.  While battling the plague, he sat in the bumbo on the bathroom floor breathing in the steam for fifteen minutes every four hours while awake.  He ate his rice cereal from the chair.  O and the Bumbo got along great.  Until about two weeks ago.  Maybe a little less.  The Parakeet had Little O with her in the kitchen while she was making dinner. O was on the floor in the bumbo watching the dog who was hoping to catch some scraps.  O also had his toy screwdriver and a teething monkey.  He would drop them and reach for them and instead play with his toes.  Typical baby behavior.  Occasionally he did a sort of backbend looking for where Mom or dog had gone. 
The Parakeet opened a cabinet to put away a bowl and heard a thud, then a loud scream from the baby. She turned around instantly to see Little O lying flat on his face on the wooden kitchen floor.  Horrified, she scooped him up and into her arms.  He continued to cry, his face red, while she assessed the damage. No bleeding, but a nice little bump over his left eye.  Apparently, he had reached for his toys and flipped right out of the seat.
She bounced him till he calmed down and then tried to put frozen corn on the bump. No such luck.  He hated that the most.  So she just held him and felt guilty and called the Huz to tell him the Bumbo was retired.  No More Bumbo.  Little O is not little enough.
Now he eats in the full-on High Chair.



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