The Schwim


There are occasional benefits to being starving artists.  Ok, to be fair, the Keet and Huz aren’t starving. They just don’t always know exactly where the next meal is coming from.  But anyway…
The Huz has been free-lancing as a carpenter since Little O was born.  He has been very fortunate.  His latest gig was with this company on this show.  One of the lead actors in this production has a considerable reputation. The Parakeet very much wanted to see his interpretation of this character.  She kind of just very much wanted to see him in general.
Anyway, they went to the Dress Rehearsal last Tuesday.  It was really really great. Those in Chicago, check it out.  They saw an equally great production of the same show last summer.  It was fun to be able to compare the two.  One thing can be said about Chicago, for sure, and that is that there is PLENTY of theater to see.  Whenever you like.


One response to “The Schwim

  1. Oh fun. I used to do the PR for Lookingglass when it was first getting started, so I got to meet David Schwimmer at an event. I get way too embarrassed in those situations to make them fun.

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