Half a Birthday

022009fLittle O hit a big marker on Friday – six months old!

How has it been six months…and how has it been only six months?  It’s a little like the first two weeks at college, when you’re living in a dorm.  You feel like you’ve been there forever but also like it’s been no time at all.

Friday morning began as most of the Russell mornings do.  The Parakeet was up before seven logging on to the network for work.  She began downloading files and jotting down numbers as quickly as she could in her pajamas.  The Huz threw on cargo pants and a t-shirt when Little O started making hilarious sounds around seven-fifteen.   O greeted his morning with a bit of a growl – the Keet and Huz went into the nursery to see him turned in the opposite direction from where they laid him the night before hugging his lamb and pulling on his blanket.  He smiled HUGE as he caught their eyes and they turned on the light.
The Parakeet changed his diaper as quickly as she could, then put him back in the crib so she could make her seven-thirty phone call.  The Huz started packing his lunch.
She jotted down a few more numbers after talking to the clerks in the office.
The Huz took the dog outside.
The Parakeet mashed half a banana up with some rice cereal and formula.  She fed Little O.  He was alternately excited and distracted, but ate the whole bowl. 
Before taking him out of his highchair, the Parakeet went back to her computer and plugged those numbers into a spreadsheet and sent the result to her bosses’.  While she clicked on the keyboard, O just played with his spoon – banging it against his tray and gnawing on it for a bit, then banging it on his tray again complete with varied vocal accompaniment. 
The Parakeet just looked at him and smiled. This day had come and she hadn’t really even noticed when it happened.  Little O was entertaining himself.  She remembered not so long ago when she thought that would never happen, when she thought she wouldn’t ever be able to leave the room he was in or stop holding him or bouncing him or whatever was that day’s trick.  Here he was now, six months old, smiling at her from across the room and banging his spoon.  He’s growing up, quite literally, before her very eyes. 



4 responses to “Half a Birthday

  1. What a great picture of you two!!

  2. Aw, happy birthday, little O!
    Or, should I say BIG O??! What a cute picture 🙂

  3. awwwww how beautiful and precious!

  4. A smile can say it all. lovesue

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