The Office

When Big W was about six months old, his parents took him on a trip to Florida so they could look for a house.  GB and Poppy borrowed some fun toys for him including an exer-saucer.  Big W LOVED that thing! He played in it moving from one toy to the next, bouncing and turning.  His Dad, Uncle B, quickly nicknamed it “The Office” because Big W looked like he had a lot of work to get done.
Well, when Little O and the Keet made a surprise trip to GB and Poppy’s house in January, The Office also made an appearance.  Little O (with a bit of help from a pillow) got down to business.  Business was, as they say, GOOD.

When the Parakeet returned to Chicago, she took an “Office” out of the basement she had been saving for such a time as this.  Thanks to Emily and Katie – the Office is saving her life.  O has  so much work to do.  He has to bounce. He has to growl. He has to pull on the butterflies. He has to answer the phone. He has to eat the teddy bear.  It is a lot of work.  Sometimes they even find him in the office on a Sunday.  He is relentless.  O’s Godmother, B, came over for coffee Thursday morning.  You may hear her in the background of this quick video shot again with the phone.
Please enjoy a bit of O’s time at work:


2 responses to “The Office

  1. He’s so busy! Hey, those toys aren’t gonna drool on themselves! 🙂

  2. he is tooooooooooooo tooooooooo cute!!!!

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