Decision of Sacrifice

Perhaps it is her flair for the dramatic, but the Parakeet has always liked Lent.  Maybe, more specifically, she LOVES Easter. Easter is her favorite Holiday.  She puts up the decorations and almost every year since she got married she’s made a big Ham dinner.   Living in the Midwest, Easter takes on a whole new level of excitment because HOPEFULLY (not last year) you are out of the dull, gray, Lenten Winter and into the exciting, warm, sunny Spring. 
This Wednesday, the Parakeet, Huz, and Little O all went to Ash Wednesday service.  The Huz had actually never been. Not sure how that happened, but anyway…
The Parakeet declined when the Pastor offered to put ashes on Little O.  While she understands that O was born a sinner just like the rest of us, she doesn’ t like to think about it, and besides – it wasn’t a bath night.  Throughout the day, the Parakeet had been contemplating whether or not she should ‘give something up’ this year.
She doesn’t always do it, and usually she finds some way out of it: like the year in college she gave up soda (but still drank coffee) and then decided since it was about the caffeine she would still have root beer.  Really effective, right?
She thought about what was preventing her from having the spiritual life she desired.  What was preventing her from doing anything she wanted?  Well, the answer quickly became television.  The Television (and Oprah and sex and the city re-runs and The Biggest Loser) has helped the Parakeet transition into life as a work-at-home mom.  She watches tv as her morning starts.  She watches TV while she feeds Owen and she definitely watches TV in those last couple hours before the Huz gets home.  5PM to 7PM is the toughest time of day for the Keet.  So, not to go totally cold turkey, which would be setting herself up for failure, the Parakeet has decided not to watch any TV before 8PM. After 8PM, the TV serves the purpose she would like it to: time with the Huz and relaxation.  Before 8PM, the TV is just  a distractor. 
She proposed the idea to the Huz and he was completely on board.  He is also going to give up TV  before 8PM.  The first couple days have been a challenge – more the kind of challenge like breaking a habit.  Last night, the Keet was super excited for 8PM.  But, she also enjoyed when she and the Huz sat down to dinner at the table at 6:30, they spoke with each other rather than setting up the tv trays and vegging out. 
Maybe the Parakeet will do more reading.  Maybe she will exercise.  Maybe she will sit still a bit.  Maybe, just maybe, she’ll get into a habit of prayer.  Only the next 37 days will tell, but she is really looking forward to what days free from TV could mean.  Surely, she will also look forward to Easter morning, and isn’t that really what Lent is all about?


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