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Well, the Parakeet woke up today to thirty-two degree weather and three inches of snow.  She also first woke up at five AM because Little O had some strange sort of episode.  Usually, and really they count on it, he sleeps from seven-thirty at night until about seven in the morning.  But not last night – he had a wet diaper and wet jamies and it just plain took a while for him to decide that sleeping again was a cool idea.  So the bird went back to bed at about twenty to six.  Her alarm went off at six-thirty.  She was going to get ready to run. YES – today was the day of the big race!  She looked out the window and saw the swirling snow.  She thought of her day ahead; layering up, meeting her friend, taking the el, running five miles (which she hasn’t done yet since giving birth), high-tailing it back to the north side, showering and changing for a fairly chi-chi bridal shower by noon.  Ummm….NO thanks. She didn’t do it. She knew she would have felt proud to have run the race no matter what.  But the snow, people, the snow!! She just didn’t think it was wise.  She was afraid of catching cold or worse turning an ankle.  Truthfully, she just wasn’t ready.
So, moving on….she has a cute gray $30 t-shirt.


On the Move

About ten days ago, Little O reached another milestone.  He pushed up onto his hands and knees, rocked back and forth, dropped to his elbows and drug his little legs across the floor with a little help from his knees and toes.  His version of crawling is very  military and nearly hilarious.  
From Wednesday:


Last night the Parakeet got to go on a little outing sans the Huz and Little O.  How lucky is that?  She and her friend Katie drove to a nearby burb to hear Dooce read from her new book, It Sucked and then I Cried.  The Parakeet has been reading Dooce’s blog for probably four years.  She laughed at Dooce’s parenting antics and dog-wrangling way before she was dealing with her own.  In a lot of ways, the Parakeet admires this woman who faced her depression head-on, wrote about it for the world to read, and carved out a creative life for herself.  She supports her family (yes, husband included) by writing on her website.  She is super talented, and her husband helps with some of the business side, and they are both home with their kid and have a baby on the way.  How great does that life sound?  She read excerpts last night at a Borders. She was so normal and also so hilarious discussing breast feeding and having sex for the first time after you have a baby.  The crowd was bigger than anticipated so the bird and her friend did not get seats or books, but they got there in time to hear all the reading and Q&A.  The Parakeet has been really busy and had a million reasons to not go last night, but she is so glad that she did.  Let’s hear it for self-publishing and creative living!

Splish Splash

Since Little O has been sitting up better, the parakeet took out the little hanging thingamabob in his bath tub a couple weeks ago.  He seems to like sitting up in the bath and being able to hold his toys and chew while getting clean.  Last week, though, Little O discovered splashing. He smacked the water like he does the dining room table and water flew back up and hit him in the face.  He looked a bit confused and shook his head, then he did it again. and again. and harder and harder. Smack, smacking the water.  He was having such a good time the Parakeet didnt’ want to get him out. So now part of the bathing ritual is a bit of “splash” time.  Last night was pretty darn cute.


An Update in Photos

Little O turned seven months old on Friday. Wow! But the Parakeet realized you haven’t seen any new pictures in a couple weeks. So, here are a few highlights:


Reading with Dad.  Little O recommends “There’s a Cow in the Cabbage Patch”.

The Parakeet periodically gets shipments from Arbonne. Often times the boxes are stuffed with brown paper. This time O fell in love with the paper. The paper was the best toy ever.  He shook it for a very long time (in baby minutes) listening to the sound and feeling its crunch. Godmama B was so happy to witness this discovery.
Visiting with Delaney.  They are betrothed. Maybe. However, Little O seems to be hamming it up for the camera while she shows a genuine interest.  Maybe Mama has a little work to do on his manners.

mar09-012Hanging with Michelle and Erik in the hammock.

Sunday FunDay

Maybe Sundays are destined to be a mess for the Russell family.  This weekend, the Keet and Huz had a visitor; their dear friend Bryan who was in their wedding and now teaches middle school in Center, Texas.  Bryan takes his heritage seriously and was very excited to check out Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  So, the Huz and Bryan went all the way down to the South Side for the official parade.  Little O and the Keet went to church.  After the service, they gave another friend a ride to work and headed home.  The Parakeet got Little O out of his car seat and gathered up their belongings.  She climbed the steps to the kitchen door. And. Locked. 
Side Note: The Parakeet gave her keys to B at Christmas to take care of the dog. She never made another copy. She has been leaving the back door open for two months.  This was entirely her fault and bound to happen.

The Huz had left after her and locked the door.  She and O were stuck outside.  The Huz was at least an hour away by public transit.  Her drive to get him would be trafficky to say the least.  So, she sat in the beautiful sunshine in the backyard bouncing the baby thinking about what exactly she should do. She left the Huz a voicemail in case he had an idea.  She called her sister to pass some time. Then, she called a friend who lived nearby. Maybe O would fall asleep at her house. If she was home.  She decided to enjoy the weather and put O in his stroller. They started towards 7-11 for a BIG GULP.  Their friends called back and offered them refuge. O was fine – another point for breastfeeding.  He also slept for nearly two hours on their guest bed. Super Cute.  A total of four hours later, the Parakeet got ahold  of the Huz who had just stepped off the el back in their neighborhood.  She met him and they all walked home and ordered pizza.  OOPS

Without Television..

The Parakeet and the Huz entered into Lent without clear intention. They decided to abstain from TV before 8PM, even though they weren’t sure exactly how this would affect them.  The surprising result has been Dreaming.
Yes – Dreaming, Thinking, Scheming, Planning.
TV was robbing them of time to contemplate.  It’s not just that they are talking during dinner again.  It’s what they are talking about that has been fun. They have planned two trips for the summer.  They The Huz is working his buns off at the shop.  The Parakeet has re-committed to her business.  Sometimes 8 o’clock comes and they don’t even turn on the tv because they are in the middle of other projects.  To be fair, there are days they are watching the clock counting down the minutes or the Parakeet gets on the phone just to hear voices. But mostly, they are re-connecting as a family. Even Little O. The Parakeet found that during the day the TV was on mostly for noise.  Some of that has been substituted with podcasts or music, but also – she and O are going for walks.  She is playing with him instead of just making sure he doesn’t get hurt.  It’s nice, this change.  They are even talking about it becoming a “family rule”.  Maybe the children will watch tv only on the weekends.  The Huz thinks they may hate the parents if that one gets enforced.  ( again planning, dreaming…)  Well, first they’ll get to Easter, after that time will tell….