The Dirty Side


So, Little O has been eating solid foods for a few weeks now…beyond rice cereal.  The Parakeet got back in touch with her hippie mama self and has been making the food for him.  So far he has tried squash, banana, sweet potato, pear, chicken, and avocado.  He loves those sweet potatoes.  In fact, he gets a bit of a sugar high or something after eating them – it’s hard to tell if he’s fussing or laughing and he squirms all over the place.  So, that is what the bird put with his chicken.  Tonight, though, he tried the avocado mixed with pear – and that was also a big hit.  He got the shaky hands and reach-y mouth begging for the pear-cado. 
She has a chicken-apple mixture waiting for him in the freezer and some green beans just waiting to be pureed. Yum.
Now, the flip side to all the fun in the highchair is the not-too-much fun in the diaper.
Yes, that’s right folks – with solid foods comes solid poos. 
Now, with the cloth diapers comes a little extra work. Buuuut, the Huz and Parakeet ordered a little contraption that attaches to the toilet and they “spray” off the solids rather than the old school “dunk and swish”.  Seriously, can you imagine?
So, it’s been fine. There was dirty poo water on the rim of the toilet and on the floor as they first dealt with the sprayer’s true power.  The Huz definitely found ‘somewhere to be’ for a few days until the Keet got the situation under control.  It stinks, but it would stink in a disposable, too.  Now the Keet and Huz have something else they can one-up each other on, which is always fun.
“Man, you should have seen O’s poo today….it was a doozie”

For more fun related to baby food and poo check out two of the Keet’s favorites: or


2 responses to “The Dirty Side

  1. I can imagine….

  2. I’m so proud of you, hippie mama! And of little O.

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