Sunday mornings have become a bit routine at the Parakeet’s house.  She and the Huz usually watch the Saturday Night Live from the night before while trading with each other between making breakfast, showering, and taking care of Little O.  O takes a nap. They get themselves ready for church. O wakes up and they hurry scurry make a bottle, put him in the carseat, and slide into the pew just in time.
O is hilarious all through the service grabbing bulletins and his own shoes.  They drive home. He naps again. Yay – Sunday!
This Sunday they changed it up – for one thing, no TV in the morning.  The Parakeet went to the gym while the Huz put O down for a nap and got himself ready.  She came home, showered, and the Huz got O ready.  They loaded up baby, diaper bag, and a couple of travel mugs filled with black coffee and drove to church. 
The TV free morning left them both feeling open and ready for the service.
They entered the narthex and most of their small congregation was standing there talking.  There was a pot of coffee on (typical) and a plate of cookies being passed around (also typical).
One of their acquaintences looked at the Parakeet and said, “So, you came just for the cookies”
She thought it was an odd joke, but went with it – “Yep, I just had to have some cookies, so I got the whole family dressed and said ‘get to church'”. 
Everyone chuckled. 
The Huz felt stuck in the doorway holding Little O. They looked again and it hit them. 
The Parakeet turned to the Huz, “We didn’t change the clocks.”
“We didn’t change the clocks. Church is over.”
Everyone there started to laugh.
“Seriously, you just realized that now?”
“Yes.” The Parakeet answered earnestly.
“That’s AWESOME”

Ooops.  The Parakeet took a cookie, waved goodbye, and her little family got back in the car and headed on home. 

Sundays.  What day of the week is better, really?  Enjoy your sunlight, folks.


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