Run and not grow Weary

The Parakeet, as long time readers know, is a fan of fitness. She worked out regularly most of her adult life.   She even ran a marathon waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy back in 2003 and a few more races in the years following.  Well, pregnancy and new baby life pushed working out to the HUGE back seat of her expanding rear.  We’ve heard all of her excuses. Hard to get to the gym – who’s going to watch the baby? Who wants to work out at 5:30 in the AM or 8PM at night? Not the bird. She wanted some perfect sort of star alignment before she would put one foot in front of the other on a treadmill.  So, while she enjoys “shredding it up” with Jillian a couple times a week – she began to long for the run.  In her typical goal-oriented fashion, she registered for a race. In three weeks, the Parakeet, along with a bajillion other Chicagoans will run five miles downtown.  She may walk two of them, but she is committed. So, its’ something.


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