Busy, Busy

photo_030709_007The Keet and the Huz are real tired this week. This is because they haven’t taken a down day yet this month. The Huz is working real hard to get his shop functioning pronto and that means the Keet is spending lots of hands-on time with Owen and her business. 
BUT, they thought you all should be able to see how it’s going so far.  The Huz has brought some tools into the space as well as a sink. He also spent last weekend making a work bench and a table for the miter saw.  The Parakeet and Little O visited him Sunday night and grabbed a few shots:



4 responses to “Busy, Busy

  1. Lookin’ good!

  2. At first glance, the first picture looks like John is looking into the eye of a large bird, like a hawk.

  3. I thought it was a falcon at first, too!

  4. ahhh, using your cell phone as a camera

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