Without Television..

The Parakeet and the Huz entered into Lent without clear intention. They decided to abstain from TV before 8PM, even though they weren’t sure exactly how this would affect them.  The surprising result has been Dreaming.
Yes – Dreaming, Thinking, Scheming, Planning.
TV was robbing them of time to contemplate.  It’s not just that they are talking during dinner again.  It’s what they are talking about that has been fun. They have planned two trips for the summer.  They The Huz is working his buns off at the shop.  The Parakeet has re-committed to her business.  Sometimes 8 o’clock comes and they don’t even turn on the tv because they are in the middle of other projects.  To be fair, there are days they are watching the clock counting down the minutes or the Parakeet gets on the phone just to hear voices. But mostly, they are re-connecting as a family. Even Little O. The Parakeet found that during the day the TV was on mostly for noise.  Some of that has been substituted with podcasts or music, but also – she and O are going for walks.  She is playing with him instead of just making sure he doesn’t get hurt.  It’s nice, this change.  They are even talking about it becoming a “family rule”.  Maybe the children will watch tv only on the weekends.  The Huz thinks they may hate the parents if that one gets enforced.  ( again planning, dreaming…)  Well, first they’ll get to Easter, after that time will tell….


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