Sunday FunDay

Maybe Sundays are destined to be a mess for the Russell family.  This weekend, the Keet and Huz had a visitor; their dear friend Bryan who was in their wedding and now teaches middle school in Center, Texas.  Bryan takes his heritage seriously and was very excited to check out Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  So, the Huz and Bryan went all the way down to the South Side for the official parade.  Little O and the Keet went to church.  After the service, they gave another friend a ride to work and headed home.  The Parakeet got Little O out of his car seat and gathered up their belongings.  She climbed the steps to the kitchen door. And. Locked. 
Side Note: The Parakeet gave her keys to B at Christmas to take care of the dog. She never made another copy. She has been leaving the back door open for two months.  This was entirely her fault and bound to happen.

The Huz had left after her and locked the door.  She and O were stuck outside.  The Huz was at least an hour away by public transit.  Her drive to get him would be trafficky to say the least.  So, she sat in the beautiful sunshine in the backyard bouncing the baby thinking about what exactly she should do. She left the Huz a voicemail in case he had an idea.  She called her sister to pass some time. Then, she called a friend who lived nearby. Maybe O would fall asleep at her house. If she was home.  She decided to enjoy the weather and put O in his stroller. They started towards 7-11 for a BIG GULP.  Their friends called back and offered them refuge. O was fine – another point for breastfeeding.  He also slept for nearly two hours on their guest bed. Super Cute.  A total of four hours later, the Parakeet got ahold  of the Huz who had just stepped off the el back in their neighborhood.  She met him and they all walked home and ordered pizza.  OOPS


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