Splish Splash

Since Little O has been sitting up better, the parakeet took out the little hanging thingamabob in his bath tub a couple weeks ago.  He seems to like sitting up in the bath and being able to hold his toys and chew while getting clean.  Last week, though, Little O discovered splashing. He smacked the water like he does the dining room table and water flew back up and hit him in the face.  He looked a bit confused and shook his head, then he did it again. and again. and harder and harder. Smack, smacking the water.  He was having such a good time the Parakeet didnt’ want to get him out. So now part of the bathing ritual is a bit of “splash” time.  Last night was pretty darn cute.



2 responses to “Splish Splash

  1. Purdy dang cute – as they say in Texas… You want to see some big eyes, try a bubble bath! It might be too scary right now with the splashing thing going so well. lovesue

  2. He is so cute in the bath tub!!!!!!! I can’t wait until you come!!!!!!! from, Charly and Arcada

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