Last night the Parakeet got to go on a little outing sans the Huz and Little O.  How lucky is that?  She and her friend Katie drove to a nearby burb to hear Dooce read from her new book, It Sucked and then I Cried.  The Parakeet has been reading Dooce’s blog for probably four years.  She laughed at Dooce’s parenting antics and dog-wrangling way before she was dealing with her own.  In a lot of ways, the Parakeet admires this woman who faced her depression head-on, wrote about it for the world to read, and carved out a creative life for herself.  She supports her family (yes, husband included) by writing on her website.  She is super talented, and her husband helps with some of the business side, and they are both home with their kid and have a baby on the way.  How great does that life sound?  She read excerpts last night at a Borders. She was so normal and also so hilarious discussing breast feeding and having sex for the first time after you have a baby.  The crowd was bigger than anticipated so the bird and her friend did not get seats or books, but they got there in time to hear all the reading and Q&A.  The Parakeet has been really busy and had a million reasons to not go last night, but she is so glad that she did.  Let’s hear it for self-publishing and creative living!


One response to “Groupie

  1. I am glad you guys enjoyed your time. I wish that I could have gone. I learned all about repression, conversion and borderline personality disorder while you heard about post baby sex. I am so ready to take this test and be done! 🙂

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