Well, the Parakeet woke up today to thirty-two degree weather and three inches of snow.  She also first woke up at five AM because Little O had some strange sort of episode.  Usually, and really they count on it, he sleeps from seven-thirty at night until about seven in the morning.  But not last night – he had a wet diaper and wet jamies and it just plain took a while for him to decide that sleeping again was a cool idea.  So the bird went back to bed at about twenty to six.  Her alarm went off at six-thirty.  She was going to get ready to run. YES – today was the day of the big race!  She looked out the window and saw the swirling snow.  She thought of her day ahead; layering up, meeting her friend, taking the el, running five miles (which she hasn’t done yet since giving birth), high-tailing it back to the north side, showering and changing for a fairly chi-chi bridal shower by noon.  Ummm….NO thanks. She didn’t do it. She knew she would have felt proud to have run the race no matter what.  But the snow, people, the snow!! She just didn’t think it was wise.  She was afraid of catching cold or worse turning an ankle.  Truthfully, she just wasn’t ready.
So, moving on….she has a cute gray $30 t-shirt.


2 responses to “Seriously?

  1. and besides all that snow there was a lion in the streets that may have eaten us during the 5 mile run – proverbs 22:13 – I have to go back to sleep now, later

  2. runyanthree

    You could not be any more like me in that moment. I would have done the exact same thing. 🙂

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