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Little O turned eight months old last week. Holy Moly.  That month, from seven to eight, is where the magic happened.  He started crawling one day before the seven month birthday and he’s been moving and grooving ever since.  He is pulling up on the crib, the couch, the subwoofer speaker in front of the tv.  He plays tug of war with Percy.  He babbles like crazy having added dadadada to his growing list of sounds just this week.  Mmmmmamamama seems to be reserved for when he’s upset.  He is even starting to take a few steps when he holds your fingers in his hands.  This is what all the parents warned about.  This is when it all goes so fast.  The Parkeet and the Huz are both basically working two jobs – so they are hyper aware of the time they are with Little O.  They are working hard to savor the moments they get.  He’s so squeezable and loveable and happy to see them – they are eating it up with a spoon.



Well, after the last post it’s time for full disclosure.  The Parakeet is done breastfeeding Little O.  She had already added formula if you remember around the first of the year.  He wasn’t putting on enough weight and the bird could never get enough pumped to leave him with someone else.  Then, mid-March through mid-April happened. Holy Moly. The Keet got Busy! She wasn’t seeing Owen for many of his feedings some days. She would pump while away, but not leave with much milk.  When she was home, O seemed fine but sometimes he would get fussy and need a bottle after she nursed him.  Pretty soon, she was nursing him only in the morning.  Then, she realized she had basically started weaning him.  So…that was it.  He was squirmy and frustrated trying to nurse. She was not with him enough to encourage the situation.  So, they are on formula. She had no pain switching over so it was pretty naturally time.  The Keet missed it a little and still does -their time to slow down together in that way.  But she also misses a little being able to put him in the bumbo seat and walk away.  So, really it’s called time, isn’t it?  And time is marching right on ahead with her baby.  O turned eight months old this week.  He’s probably been two weeks on formula and awesome homemade baby food, of course.
The most recent fave is a combo of green beans and apples.  At first, you might think it’s weird but then think about it again. Yeah, that’s right – YUM!

In Biz

All Right, Chicagoans.  The Huz has been accepted to the Glenwood Ave Arts Fest.  The new company name is JRR Woodworks.  They are very very excited! The festival is in Rogers Park August 21-23.  So, if you need something to do that weekend, drive north and peruse the local merchandise.  The website is in the works and sometime this summer they should be hosting an Open House at the shop.  Stay tuned.

The festival’s website is

Secret Code.

The Parakeet has been understudying a play for close to a month now. For those of you not in the theater, this means that she learns and rehearses a role just in case the actress who is actually cast in the role can not go on.  If she is stuck in traffic, sick, or can go make more money somewhere else – the Parakeet would take the stage. It has been a time-consuming and not necessarily so rewarding endeavor. Nothing against the theater or the role or the play -that is just the nature of understudying.
Anyway, the bird has had to arrange more sitters than usual.  On Wednesdays, she has been going downtown in the morning to work a few hours for the traders, coming home by car or train – giving the babysitter a break and playing with Little O – and then leaving again at 3PM for an afternoon rehearsal.  Then, she gets some dinner somewhere and goes back to the theater to watch the play returning to her apartment at about 11PM.  Yes, her Wednesdays had her leaving the house at about 6:30AM and returning at 11PM. What can you do?
Obviously, during this type of schedule, she can not be breast-feeding.  So, Little O would get his formula bottles while she was gone.  She would, in turn, pump while she was out at these various jobs.
Pumping is really not a fun thing. Maybe that’s all that should be said about that.
So, the Parakeet is in the public bathroom about a week ago at the above-mentioned theater using her little manual pump to no avail. She is bored and frustrated.  She takes her phone out of her purse to check the time.  One must pump for at least fifteen minutes, mind you.
She sets the phone on her thigh so she can continue pumping, and….”Splash”.  One very expensive PDA cell phone in the toilet.  The Parakeet is scrambling.  Phone out of toilet. Pump out of hand. Precious breast milk spilling across the floor. AAAAHHHHH!
Luckily this was “clean” toilet water, but oh….YUCK! She is trying to decide what to do.  A very large part of her brain was like, “Keep Pumping!” 
She got rational and cleaned everything up.  She took the phone apart and put it back to together. It appeared that it might work.  The Palm light came on …it was powering and …melt down.
Oh. Man.
A friend was picking her up from the theater. She was going home to see the Huz and Little O and her sister and her sister’s husband were downtown. Alone. Did they know how to get home? How would she say she was on her way? What did she ever do before 2002? How do people communciate?
She borrowed the phone at the box office. 
The Huz answered, “Hello”
“Hey, my phone’s not working. So, I’ll be home soon if Jess remembers to come get me. If not, I’ll take the el. But I can’t call you”
“Oh. What’s wrong with your phone?”
“It’s dead, ok? Can I just tell you later? I’ll explain later.”
weird pause
The Parakeet managed to get home with no real drama.  Her brother-in-law googled ‘save a wet cell phone’ and they decided to take it all apart and let it dry out over night by some very low heat.
The next day it turned on, she received voicemail. All seemed well.
One week later – there are some looming problems.  Not every key works.  This is ecspecially problematic for texting. If you text the Parakeet, use the following secret code:
There is no zero.
y = e
h = d
b = x
e, d, and x are still e, d and x. they are just also y, h and b.
Are you following?

So, on Saturday the Parakeet let the Huz know she had picked up breakfast for him and that her and O would bring it to him at the shop.
Only he received this:

We can xring you tde xreakfast wdenever eou want


The Huz is starting to understand though. This morning he texted the Keet, “can you email so-and-so and ask them so-and-so?”

To which the Keet replied:
Totalle! Tdanks!

In person, now, they just tell each other “Ta-Danks!”


The Parakeet loves Easter for so many reasons – and after you get past the Drama of Lenten services, the joyousness of trumpets and the beauty of Lilys – there are still little kids in Easter outfits.  Last year, when the Parakeet was going by the name Preg, she watched all the little babies and children in church with their pastels and sweater vests and tights and sashes. SO CUTE! Almost as cute as kids in winter coats (but that’s another post).
So, how lucky that GB sent Little O the cutest Easter Outfit? Yep, pretty lucky.

Uncle Ry and Aunt Mere had an early flight on Sunday, so the Parakeet made her ham, etc on Saturday night. That turned out to be such a nice end to the visit, AND they all got to eat at the table and sip wine and conversate like adults because O was already asleep.  They gave O his Easter basket on Saturday night also so that everyone could witness his joy.  Really – he grabbed everything and put it in his mouth. Were you expecting anything else?  A few favorites – his new sippy cup, his yellow bunny, and the top.


After they got him all riled up with new toys, they put him to bed.  Sunday morning, everyone made sure they looked nice and hustled to church with suitcases in the back of the car.  The service was super sweet and the church even had a string quartet.  They drove Mere and Ry to the airport right after, then the Russells came home for family nap.  Which was awesome.  The Parakeet got an extra Easter gift when the Stage Manager of her show told her she didn’t have to come in and watch that afternoon.


Last week, the one that was holy, the Keet and Huz were lucky to have a couple visitors, specifically Aunt Mere and Uncle Ry.  So Fun!! Those two took the city by storm riding the el all over the place, checking out museums, shopping, even scoring a ‘sweet’ Coach purse in Chinatown.  Hilarious.
One day Little O decided he would try to keep pace with his Aunt and Uncle.  After his morning nap, his mother suited him up and put him in the stroller to rendezvous at the Chicago History Museum.  There was an exhibit called Chic Chicago on dresses he had been dying to see. OK. Not really, but the Parakeet thought it looked cool and so did Aunt Mere.  Uncle Ry was happy to be on stroller duty during that one.
It took the visitors just a bit longer than they anticipated to get from downtown to the History Museum.  The Parakeet and Little O rode the Clark bus South from their hood and had some time to kill, so the Bird pushed that stroller right on into the Lincoln Park Farm in the Zoo. Man, did that place stink! Most of the animals were pretty far from the fence so it’s not clear how much O really got out of the whole adventure, BUT he did look pretty darn cute in that stroller.  The sunshine did them all some good.

Little O really rose to the occasion on this trip. He rode the bus with nothing but enthusiastic curiosity.  He was quiet through the museum exhibits.  Uncle Ryan only had to pick up his teether toys 89 times after he threw them to the ground. It does sound pretty cool to hear them fall, can you blame him? Then, he fell asleep on the bus ride home and the 20 min walk from the bus stop to Subway to the apt. What a champ!  The whole day reminded the Parakeet why she was so excited to have children in the city.  There are so many opportunities on any given day.  Little O got to see all different kinds of people, farm animals, stylish dresses, sit in a stroller, and ride on a bus all in the span of about four hours.  Thanks, Chicago.

Proud Parents

Well, The Keet and the Huz have joined parents all over Chicagoland and sent Little O’s pic into the Chicago Sun Times for a Cutest Baby Photo contest.  Seriously.
The top two contenders: