Hilarity Ensues…

Little O has been on the move as you well know.  He does not like to be still these days.  The changing table has become his nemesis.  Just ask his poor babysitter.  She told the Keet she is waiting for a face plant into the diaper pail.  He doesn’t want to be on his back. At all.  He flips over almost immediately.  He pulls himself onto the wall or over the side of the table.  The Parakeet’s best bet, once diaper is on, is to get him sitting.  She then pulls the onesie over his head while he reaches frantically for the wipe warmer and assorted “not for baby” bottles nearby.  She then flips him on his back and fastens the onesie and pulls on pants while he fusses.  The fussing just has to happen.  Sorry, anti-fussers.  Little O will fuss while he is getting dressed. 
The Huz has chosen another tactic – dress him in the crib.  Once O has his diaper on, the Huz puts him in the crib to dress him.  Then when he flops around and wiggles there is no danger.  The Parakeet needs another six inches or so on her arms for this trick, but it’s nice for Dad.
Monday night, the Parakeet and the Huz were in the nursery together getting O ready for bed.  The Parakeet had some people coming over for a foot soak party and she needed O asleep on time.  He was Mr. Wiggle McFlip Around as usual.  They were trying to take off his diaper as he flipped, and …HUGE ginormous POOP.  Ahhh, the POOP.  The Parakeet tried to move the very full diaper quickly away while pinning O to the table. No such luck – foot in Poop.  Of course.  The Huz is laughing as he removes the offending mess.  The Parakeet stands O up in an attempt to gain a moment to assess the situation.   He looks around, smiles, and proceeds to pee all over himself and the changing pad cover. 
“Owen, Owen…ahhhhh”
The Huz calls back from the bathroom, “Just put him in the crib, honey”
“No, it’s just that …now he’s peeing”
The whole family erupted in laughter and Little O got his favorite – naked time- while they cleaned up the mess.
Life with a seven month old. Does it get better than this?


2 responses to “Hilarity Ensues…

  1. i think our boys are twins from otha mothas. your stories sound EXACTLY like what goes on in our house. i resorted to vertical diaper changes to deal with the rolling, launching, and poop-filled diapers. i could manage to get minimal poop everywhere if i supported samuel with one arm and wiped with the other. thankfully no dislocated shoulders. now, the only thing that works almost without fail is to give him a bottle- just enough to keep him occupied until we’re through. i’m not sure what mothering nazis would say about that, but as you know sometimes you just have to resort to whatever it takes. . .

  2. ooooo, a bottle…

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