So, there was snow today in Chicago.
But there have been hints of Spring. For a day here and there.  The grass is green in the backyard when it peaks through the ice. Birds are chirping when the Parakeet leaves for work in the morning.  There is sunlight in the afternoon and the day ends later than 5PM.  So, there is hope.

Little O has made it outside a bit more lately – not every day yet, but more often than a month or two ago:



And of course….there was a bit of baseball played today!
040610iSorry, Uncle B and Uncle J – but Little O doesn’t have a Cardinals or Braves Onesie.  Pretty much – he’s a northside Cub-Lovin’ baby.  And, yes, he has highwater jeans -his mom has made a note. She’ll take care of it.


3 responses to “Close?

  1. He is so dang cute! I just wanna squish those fat baby cheeks!

  2. Does it make you think of Tanner at that age?

  3. love the way you worded that last comment. It made me laugh. Like the easter decorations! I am not as much of a fan of the decorating but I LOVE hiding the eggs! and finding the baskets. and the candy.

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