Just another morning

There is a half-hour of tension every weekday morning in the Russell house.  Three days of the week, the Parakeet has to call into work at seven-thirty and have some figures balanced and a spreadsheet e-mailed before eight-fifteen.  The other two days, she has to be out the door before seven. The Huz always needs to leave the house for work by eight-fifteen.  Little O wakes up between seven and seven-thirty and of course needs everything immediately – like a baby does; diaper changed, bottle, super cereal – some hugs and kisses.
So each morning, rather than setting an alarm to take care of themselves (which would make sense), the Keet and Huz let O wake them up over the monitor.  They then scramble to brush teeth, plug in the computer, call work, download balances, get dressed, pack lunches, make coffee, yadda yadda all at the same time.  Inevitably, one feels that the other is not pulling their weight with Little O and comments are made through gritted teeth or with double meaning.  Eyes roll saying, “Well I have to leave in fifteen minutes”  and fake smiles cover “Well I only need your help for fifteen more minutes”.  Each morning they survive.
Monday, Little O slept in, so everything described above, was in hyperspeed.  The Parakeet started feeding O his cereal even though she needed to leave for the office.  O was getting pretty fussy and the Huz wanted to make coffee.  She was swallowing some choice comments when she heard a very loud Adult word come from the kitchen. “Are you OK?”
“Yes, I’m fine. There’s just beans everywhere.  Stupid piece of ** coffee bag”
Quite a few minutes later and after some dog scolding and slamming of things, the Huz came out of the kitchen.  The Parakeet asked him to take a few deep breaths and get dressed before she left him with O.  He complied.  She then grabbed her coat and headed out the door, not before noticing this on the kitchen counter:
And that’s how half their containers were filled with coffee beans. Yeesh.  Also, do any of the Parakeet’s siblings remember when their father took a meat tenderizer to a ziploc bag of unground coffee beans in a moment of intense need for caffeination?  That was funny, too.


2 responses to “Just another morning

  1. I believe Ben once informed Patrick and I of the Hoyer household maxim, “If you can’t fix it, find a bigger hammer.” Apparently that was also applied to coffee beans.

  2. I do remember the meat tenderizer. Since on the Race I have also found an affinity for coffee, you can’t always have orange juice. Just the other day my friend and I bought a frech press. We’re looking forward to Central America.

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