It’s no secret that the Parakeet loves Easter.  Since moving to Chicago, they have always celebrated with a big dinner.  The Parakeet decorates.  She swears off Easter grass every year, but it keeps coming back. 
This year, might be the longest she waited to get to the decorations, but finally last weekend the Huz dug the box out of storage and she set out her many bunnies and eggs.
Tuesday was a hard day for her and Little O. No particular reason.  He just couldn’t be satisfied.  Maybe he is tired of the weather too, who knows? But after he went down for his afternoon nap, with some rather intense fussing, the Parakeet was looking forward to a few moments rest.  She checked the mail and got a package; a shoebox full of Easter goodies from her Grandma in Missouri.
Well, that just brightened her day.  She smiled as she opened each little decoration or candy.  There were even special duckies for Little O’s bath.  She’s going to add those to his Easter basket.
Most special, though, were a few hand-painted eggs that Grandma included. These were made by the Parakeet’s Great Aunt Polly.  Polly paints ceramics and these eggs have her signature and date on them – from before the Keet was even born.

She proudly put the eggs in a basket as part of the Easter decor. They sit very close to her favorite pair of bunnies which came from her other Grandmother who passed away it 2004.  It was so fun to open that package today, but it will be even more special each and every year to open the box of decorations again and see those particular bunnies and those particular eggs; a little connection to family and the past on such a special Holiday.



One response to “Gift

  1. Those eggs are absolutely gorgeous!

    **so jealous**

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