Last week, the one that was holy, the Keet and Huz were lucky to have a couple visitors, specifically Aunt Mere and Uncle Ry.  So Fun!! Those two took the city by storm riding the el all over the place, checking out museums, shopping, even scoring a ‘sweet’ Coach purse in Chinatown.  Hilarious.
One day Little O decided he would try to keep pace with his Aunt and Uncle.  After his morning nap, his mother suited him up and put him in the stroller to rendezvous at the Chicago History Museum.  There was an exhibit called Chic Chicago on dresses he had been dying to see. OK. Not really, but the Parakeet thought it looked cool and so did Aunt Mere.  Uncle Ry was happy to be on stroller duty during that one.
It took the visitors just a bit longer than they anticipated to get from downtown to the History Museum.  The Parakeet and Little O rode the Clark bus South from their hood and had some time to kill, so the Bird pushed that stroller right on into the Lincoln Park Farm in the Zoo. Man, did that place stink! Most of the animals were pretty far from the fence so it’s not clear how much O really got out of the whole adventure, BUT he did look pretty darn cute in that stroller.  The sunshine did them all some good.

Little O really rose to the occasion on this trip. He rode the bus with nothing but enthusiastic curiosity.  He was quiet through the museum exhibits.  Uncle Ryan only had to pick up his teether toys 89 times after he threw them to the ground. It does sound pretty cool to hear them fall, can you blame him? Then, he fell asleep on the bus ride home and the 20 min walk from the bus stop to Subway to the apt. What a champ!  The whole day reminded the Parakeet why she was so excited to have children in the city.  There are so many opportunities on any given day.  Little O got to see all different kinds of people, farm animals, stylish dresses, sit in a stroller, and ride on a bus all in the span of about four hours.  Thanks, Chicago.


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