The Parakeet loves Easter for so many reasons – and after you get past the Drama of Lenten services, the joyousness of trumpets and the beauty of Lilys – there are still little kids in Easter outfits.  Last year, when the Parakeet was going by the name Preg, she watched all the little babies and children in church with their pastels and sweater vests and tights and sashes. SO CUTE! Almost as cute as kids in winter coats (but that’s another post).
So, how lucky that GB sent Little O the cutest Easter Outfit? Yep, pretty lucky.

Uncle Ry and Aunt Mere had an early flight on Sunday, so the Parakeet made her ham, etc on Saturday night. That turned out to be such a nice end to the visit, AND they all got to eat at the table and sip wine and conversate like adults because O was already asleep.  They gave O his Easter basket on Saturday night also so that everyone could witness his joy.  Really – he grabbed everything and put it in his mouth. Were you expecting anything else?  A few favorites – his new sippy cup, his yellow bunny, and the top.


After they got him all riled up with new toys, they put him to bed.  Sunday morning, everyone made sure they looked nice and hustled to church with suitcases in the back of the car.  The service was super sweet and the church even had a string quartet.  They drove Mere and Ry to the airport right after, then the Russells came home for family nap.  Which was awesome.  The Parakeet got an extra Easter gift when the Stage Manager of her show told her she didn’t have to come in and watch that afternoon.


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