Little O turned eight months old last week. Holy Moly.  That month, from seven to eight, is where the magic happened.  He started crawling one day before the seven month birthday and he’s been moving and grooving ever since.  He is pulling up on the crib, the couch, the subwoofer speaker in front of the tv.  He plays tug of war with Percy.  He babbles like crazy having added dadadada to his growing list of sounds just this week.  Mmmmmamamama seems to be reserved for when he’s upset.  He is even starting to take a few steps when he holds your fingers in his hands.  This is what all the parents warned about.  This is when it all goes so fast.  The Parkeet and the Huz are both basically working two jobs – so they are hyper aware of the time they are with Little O.  They are working hard to savor the moments they get.  He’s so squeezable and loveable and happy to see them – they are eating it up with a spoon.


One response to “WAIT!!

  1. Oh man – I’m shocked at how fast time flies! What a big boy he’s becoming! So bittersweet…

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