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The Downs and the Ups

Last Monday the Parakeet woke up to a sick little baby.  O’s temp was over 101 and his little eyes were all red.  She gave him some tylenol, held him a bit longer than normal, and left for work with a detailed list of instructions for the babysitter. 
The babysitter was a champion! Little O was very fussy for her and snuggly and when the Parakeet got home she couldn’t believe that some one other than his mother had dealt with him for nearly seven hours.
She held Little O on the couch and they cuddled under a blanket. His nose ran. He whined.  He couldn’t get comfy.  Really, she sort of couldn’t stand it for more than about forty-five minutes. He tried to nap but he just didn’t feel good. She called the Huz who was able to commiserate but not help from through the phone lines.
Eventually, she got him fed and he calmed down.  The Huz came home and they played with him in the living room.  He looked very sweet in his Green T-shirt and diaper crawling around.  The Huz got him laughing and they decided  to see if he would go past the “pulling up” stage.  They both got on the floor and put their hands out. 
Little O toddled back and forth between them, half walking – half falling into their arms.  It was a monumental day:  His first unassisted STEPS!!

Two days before turning nine months old.  Yay Little O!

The Parakeet was so proud and excited. She and the Huz stared at each other as if saying, “wow, did that really happen? did he really do it?” They were so absurdly happy – what a gamut of emotions parenthood can run.  The same day gave them such pride and such frustration.  Welcome to the rest of their lives, right?


A Day for Mama

Sunday was Mother’s Day. Hopefully, you all called your mothers. Or sent a card. Or SOMETHING. The Parakeet was so looking forward to Mother’s Day. Rather than be passive agressive or silently wish, she clearly warned the Huz.
“Mother’s Day is Sunday. Please plan something nice for me. I will be disappointed if you do not.”
Is that straightforward or what? Married People, take note:  There is no point in ‘hinting’. Really, probably, Ever.
On Sunday morning, Little O woke up at about 6:15.  They heard his squawks over the monitor.  Typical time. The Parakeet rolled over and started to sit up.
“No! No, I’m going” The Huz leaped out of bed. Phew, the Parakeet was relieved.  She rested, never really falling back asleep, and grabbed a book. How nice was this? A Sunday morning in bed with a book. She curled up in the covers. 
The Huz changed and fed O and then the two of them went to the grocery store.
Let’s say that one more time: The Huz went to the Grocery Store.
This was a gift in itself. The Huz does not go to the grocery store.
The Parakeet lay in bed with her book hearing the silence through the house and realized something that you all will not believe: this was the first time she was home alone since Little O was born.  She has, of course, left the house without O, but she has not been in the house without O.  (OK, there was one time when O was six weeks old and she starting having a breakdown in front of his crib when he wouldn’t sleep and the Huz took him on a walk, but really does that count?)  The next forty-five minutes stretched on for about half a day. The Parakeet finished her book. She rolled over in the covers. She sipped the cup of coffee the Huz had left her.  It was glorious.
When her babes returned, they had purple tulips and breakfast.

momday blog

Ahh, Mother’s Day.
They put O down for his morning nap and leisurely talked and got ready for church. They got O to church just in time.  He was happy to be there and made friends with the 11 month old in the pew ahead of them.
After church, the Huz prepared a picnic and their little family spent time at the local park.
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O went down for Nap#2 and so did the rest of the house. It was a splendid, splendid Day.

Would that all Sundays were “Mother’s Days”….

Oh, Grass….You get too Close!

“You get too close!”

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Sour Grapes

They might have found the first food Little O won’t eat.  The Parakeet went to her trusty book this week to see what new things to try with Little O. Grapes. Yay! She peeled them and cut them into little pieces. This should be fun; a new food and he can try to eat it himself.  He was just as excited as the Parakeet to see little pieces of food all over the tray of his highchair.  He reached to touch them ferociously and then, in his typical fashion, stopped short and gave them the ‘one-finger-poke’.  He eventually picked up a little bit and put it in his mouth.  The contortions his lips began to make were like none the Keet had seen from this little guy. Hilarious.  He tried for a good fifteen minutes – picking bites up, mushing them around, and letting them fall back out.  For Baby O, these were definitely some sour grapes.

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So, the Parakeet and the Huz have been talking for more than a year about joining a CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Local Farms bring fresh produce into the city and you can pick up a basket every week.  Pretty cool, huh?
So, sometime around Easter Sunday, the Parakeet was standing in the back of church with O and saw a flyer for a CSA – that delivers to their church. PerfectO!
She did a little online research and decided to go for it.  They are going to get fresh fruit, veggies, herbs, and eggs beginning mid-June through October. Is that so exciting?
It’s totally the opposite of the Costco-loving girl she was a few months ago, but Costco is quickly losing its charm.  That’s another post…

So, the Parakeet and the Huz are looking forward to planning their menus around the veggies, blending up local, organic food for O, and reducing their carbon footprint – even just a little.

They are like NERD excited about it actually – fresh fruits and veggies, look out!!

To see what farms they have a “share” in, check out

To find a CSA near you, check out


Day Dreams

When the Parakeet was pregnant, there were two daydreams she had about her soon-to-be little family; one was laying in bed wiith the Huz on the weekends while a toddler crawled over them babbling about cartoons and cheerios and the other involved being outside on picnic blankets gazing at their gorgeous child in the sunshine.
Well, last weekend there was sunshine! And here she was laying on a blanket with the Huz gazing at her gorgeous baby. How did this happen?
Anyway, Little O is enjoying the breeze on his face and even the sunshine.  He moves at 30mph indoors, but as soon as they bring him to the blanket outside, he sits very still. He gazes at everything going on around him. He holds tightly to his sippy cup or another toy and he completely chills out. Isn’t it so great that the outdoors is actually calming him?
The funny thing, though, is that it seems to be because he is slightly afraid. 
Little O will be playing with a block or a toy and if he tosses the block off the blanket, he will reach for it.  When he touches grass, though, his hand springs back in disgust.  He sits up and looks around as if he is locked on some island.  The grass is too yucky, too scary to be touched. 
The Huz is frustrated, “Come on, buddy. It’s just grass. There’s nothing wrong with it.”
The Parakeet is taking another approach, “Let him be. He’ll probably like the grass in two weeks, but for now we don’t have to chase him.”
Way to encourage adventure, Mom!

Lord Perciful Strikes Again