Some of the fun for the Parakeet in working a business with Arbonne is the goal setting. We all know that she is a task and goal-oriented list-making person.  So, for April she set some pretty big goals, partly out of necessity.  The Huz is coming to the end of a Job.  They are starting his business.  The bird also took a pay cut at her other J-O-B. It’s 2009. These are the times. Whatever. 
That Said – Arbonne needs to be for reals. So the Keet set some high goals.  So did her friend and sponsor -she was going for the car!  Last night, they were calling people, emailing people – offering sales and asking for orders.  The Parakeet literally was putting orders in after 11PM.  It was all sort of exhilirating. AND…at midnight they did it! The Parakeet will be earning a better commission and got her bonus and her friend will be driving a white Mercedes courtesy of Arbonne. Thanks for your help and support.


2 responses to “CountDown

  1. runyanthree

    I know no one else how has been successful at these types of things. You are a go getter! I’m impressed and proud of you. Good job Sara!

  2. Thanks. That is super nice of you to say.

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