Day Dreams

When the Parakeet was pregnant, there were two daydreams she had about her soon-to-be little family; one was laying in bed wiith the Huz on the weekends while a toddler crawled over them babbling about cartoons and cheerios and the other involved being outside on picnic blankets gazing at their gorgeous child in the sunshine.
Well, last weekend there was sunshine! And here she was laying on a blanket with the Huz gazing at her gorgeous baby. How did this happen?
Anyway, Little O is enjoying the breeze on his face and even the sunshine.  He moves at 30mph indoors, but as soon as they bring him to the blanket outside, he sits very still. He gazes at everything going on around him. He holds tightly to his sippy cup or another toy and he completely chills out. Isn’t it so great that the outdoors is actually calming him?
The funny thing, though, is that it seems to be because he is slightly afraid. 
Little O will be playing with a block or a toy and if he tosses the block off the blanket, he will reach for it.  When he touches grass, though, his hand springs back in disgust.  He sits up and looks around as if he is locked on some island.  The grass is too yucky, too scary to be touched. 
The Huz is frustrated, “Come on, buddy. It’s just grass. There’s nothing wrong with it.”
The Parakeet is taking another approach, “Let him be. He’ll probably like the grass in two weeks, but for now we don’t have to chase him.”
Way to encourage adventure, Mom!


One response to “Day Dreams

  1. He’ll probably be eating the grass in two weeks.

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