So, the Parakeet and the Huz have been talking for more than a year about joining a CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Local Farms bring fresh produce into the city and you can pick up a basket every week.  Pretty cool, huh?
So, sometime around Easter Sunday, the Parakeet was standing in the back of church with O and saw a flyer for a CSA – that delivers to their church. PerfectO!
She did a little online research and decided to go for it.  They are going to get fresh fruit, veggies, herbs, and eggs beginning mid-June through October. Is that so exciting?
It’s totally the opposite of the Costco-loving girl she was a few months ago, but Costco is quickly losing its charm.  That’s another post…

So, the Parakeet and the Huz are looking forward to planning their menus around the veggies, blending up local, organic food for O, and reducing their carbon footprint – even just a little.

They are like NERD excited about it actually – fresh fruits and veggies, look out!!

To see what farms they have a “share” in, check out www.homegrownwisconsin.com

To find a CSA near you, check out www.localharvest.org



2 responses to “HomeGrown

  1. I’ve always been tempted to do this. HOWever I am super neurotic, must plan two weeks in advance so I don’t know how I would deal with not knowing what veg I have that week until that week.

  2. seriously sara, read deep economy.

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