Sour Grapes

They might have found the first food Little O won’t eat.  The Parakeet went to her trusty book this week to see what new things to try with Little O. Grapes. Yay! She peeled them and cut them into little pieces. This should be fun; a new food and he can try to eat it himself.  He was just as excited as the Parakeet to see little pieces of food all over the tray of his highchair.  He reached to touch them ferociously and then, in his typical fashion, stopped short and gave them the ‘one-finger-poke’.  He eventually picked up a little bit and put it in his mouth.  The contortions his lips began to make were like none the Keet had seen from this little guy. Hilarious.  He tried for a good fifteen minutes – picking bites up, mushing them around, and letting them fall back out.  For Baby O, these were definitely some sour grapes.

grape blog
grape blog 2


One response to “Sour Grapes

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but my old dog used to be the same way about grapes. Like he couldn’t figure out how to bite into them or something – it was hysterical!

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