The Downs and the Ups

Last Monday the Parakeet woke up to a sick little baby.  O’s temp was over 101 and his little eyes were all red.  She gave him some tylenol, held him a bit longer than normal, and left for work with a detailed list of instructions for the babysitter. 
The babysitter was a champion! Little O was very fussy for her and snuggly and when the Parakeet got home she couldn’t believe that some one other than his mother had dealt with him for nearly seven hours.
She held Little O on the couch and they cuddled under a blanket. His nose ran. He whined.  He couldn’t get comfy.  Really, she sort of couldn’t stand it for more than about forty-five minutes. He tried to nap but he just didn’t feel good. She called the Huz who was able to commiserate but not help from through the phone lines.
Eventually, she got him fed and he calmed down.  The Huz came home and they played with him in the living room.  He looked very sweet in his Green T-shirt and diaper crawling around.  The Huz got him laughing and they decided  to see if he would go past the “pulling up” stage.  They both got on the floor and put their hands out. 
Little O toddled back and forth between them, half walking – half falling into their arms.  It was a monumental day:  His first unassisted STEPS!!

Two days before turning nine months old.  Yay Little O!

The Parakeet was so proud and excited. She and the Huz stared at each other as if saying, “wow, did that really happen? did he really do it?” They were so absurdly happy – what a gamut of emotions parenthood can run.  The same day gave them such pride and such frustration.  Welcome to the rest of their lives, right?


One response to “The Downs and the Ups

  1. Oh my goodness! Little O! Walking!
    I’m so emotional just hearing that, I can’t imagine what you are going through.

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