Things Moms Talk About

The day before they left on the crazy road trip Little O didn’t really get a morning nap.  Little O is VERY routine. So, this was super unusual.  What was the change? Well, The Parakeet didn’t change his diaper before she laid him down.  He was still for a few minutes and sort of fussed for ten.  She got him up, changed his diaper, and that was it. He wanted no more napping. Those fifteen or twenty minutes were all he was going to sleep.  OK. Usually, he sleeps about an hour and a half in the morning. Ugh.  She knew, though, that it was best to keep him up until the afternoon nap, so they went for a walk. She had to deliver some Arbonne product and decided to do it with O in the stroller.
While they were walking, Her sis-in-law called. She was working to keep her son up just a bit longer before his nap so that he would poo.  Lately, he had been poo-ing during his nap and it was waking him up.  Turns out at 19 months, you also can not sleep with your poo.  The Parakeet and her sis-in-law talked about this whole predicament for nearly fifteen minutes.
Yes. Children and their poo. 
Is this what has become of her life?
Later, they did get into the pros and cons of suburban life and the craziness of our healthcare system.  But, still…
It also brought to mind this commercial:


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