CSA First Box.

The Huz and the Parakeet went together to pick up their first box of veggies from the CSA.  They strapped Little O into the Moby and walked about two blocks to the pick-up site. Yes, seriously. There is a pick-up site only two and a half blocks from their house.  Amazing.
There were boxes and coolers sitting on the front porch of the home.  They found their name on the list, crossed it off, and took their carton of eggs and box of veggies – all organic and all farm fresh.
So, for the curious: 
This week they got
Two heads of Lettuce – different kinds
Green Garlic
White Button Mushrooms

It is all so good! They have made some super duper salads.  O has tasted spinach for the first time. The Parakeet made rhubarb bars, and tonight they had Penne with Ricotta and Green Garlic Sauce.  So yummy!
The strawberries are extra delicious.  The Parakeet bought an angel food cake today so there will be a special Father’s Day treat tomorrow.
So looking forward to the next nineteen CSA boxes.


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