A Cutting

On Saturday, the Parakeet and the Huz were both in really choice moods. That’s all on that subject.
They did agree on one thing, though: Little O needed a haircut.  The Parakeet had loved how lately his hair was beginning to curl it was so long, but she did not love that he was sweaty all the time and having trouble seeing.  She was alos getting a lot more “is your little one a boy or a girl?” and even more of the “she’s so big!”.
Well, Little O is not a she. He’s a he. The family walked about twenty-five mintues to the local Hair Cuttery.  The Huz and Little O both got cuts.  The Parakeet held O on her lap while he was snipped and scissored. He did pretty good for being just ten months old. Only a few times did she have to just hold his body in one direction. The stylist was great about “well, I’ll just cut this side now.  That’s Ok -I’ll just cut the back now”.
She also gave the Parakeet a lock of Little O’s hair to keep and said she’d have a certificate for him the next time we came in. 
Some Photos:
before first haircut 2and after…..
after first haircut

and he’s ready to go…
after first haircut 2


One response to “A Cutting

  1. He is sooo cute! The haircut makes him a little man. Still have to look at the stuff John is making. Will say a prayer right now that his work will be a huge success! Love, Amy

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