A Little Garden

The week or so after the family got back from Texas, maybe a week into June, the Parakeet finally got around to tending her garden.
It was a new experiment last year and she was pleased to see that the Astilbes she had planted grew back.
The Hosta, however, has taken over! He has been nicknamed “the Hostile Hosta”.  He’s the Grandpa of her little growing patch and he will probably be halved.
Little O and the Keet took a trip to Sears and Home Depot and loaded up the bright orange cart with marigolds, petunias, coleus and one indoor plant.  She came home, put Little O down for a nap, and set outside with the baby monitor. Two garbage bags full of weeds and lots of potting soil later – she had planted what she bought.
Things are growing up nicely in their little backyard. 

garden blog
back from the store
garden blog 2lots o’ weeding
garden blog 3window box…check
garden blog 4and we’ll see how they grow, and if someone *ahem* could mow that grass…

After this afternoon treat, the Parakeet read a sweet little blog about a Purple Garden – Ahhh, why didn’t she think of that?  Next year…


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